Must get craft room

I've always thought it would be great to just have a nice little sewing/crafting station in the middle of the house where I could work on things while the kids play, or pick up on a project when I have just a few minutes, and just be creative in the midst of the chaos. But after having my most recent project hacked to pieces by a little scissor wielding vagrant this morning because it was left unattended for a few moments at the kitchen table makes me rethink that whole idealistic plan.

I think a spacious craft room where I could leave all sorts of projects laying about in half finished states would be better. The only condition is that the room must have a lock. One that can't be picked from the outside. And maybe a sign. A sign like those ones I always remember being terrified of when I went to antique or craft stores with my Grandma. The ones that said things like "Unattended children will be sold to the circus." or "Little children who touch will have to have their fingers broken". I kid you not, I distinctly remember seeing those signs and fearing for my life. Yep, I just might need one of those.

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wendy said...

Dangit if I don't joke like that all the time, so my kids would never take it seriously. :( My next-door neighbor has one that says "unattended children will be fed coffee and doughnuts" or something like that. She would, too! haha!