Book Review: Life, In Spite of Me

Vividly Raw.

Vibrantly Truthful.

Valiantly Glorifying to God.

Kristen Anderson's story is a gripping testament to the amazing grace of God. Her openness, honesty, and willingness to be vulnerable in the sharing of her past is humbling.

The tragedy of her story is heart wrenching and devastating. It seems hopeless and unending. Her recovery, let alone her initial survival seemed impossible. Kristen's life is a miracle, living proof of the hand of God. And she knows it.

The outreach of Kristen's growing ministry is courageous, encouraging, and overwhelmingly needed in our culture. Suicide is prevalent in today's society, yet hidden from the world. Amazing people like Kristen are shining a much needed light on a problem that cannot be ignored. She offers love, understanding, comfort and guidance to those who are struggling. But most importantly she offers her testimony to others of hope in Christ.

From start to finish Life, In Spite of Me captures your heart and ultimately points you to the glory and the grace of God.

To read the first chapter of Life, In Spite of Me and to hear Kristen tell a little about her story visit this site.

**This book was provided to me for review by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers.**

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danc said...

Emily, I bought the book , I am excited to start reading it. We have had several young people commit suicide lately! It's becoming epidemic!