We decided to hand out pencils to the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood. This was met with great groaning and moaning from the kids, but I stuck to my guns and for $4.00 we have what I think is a very sweet little treat to hand out on Saturday night. Cheaper than what a bowl of candy would cost and something we'll actually use if for some reason we're left with a ton when the night is through. The kids will bring home more candy than they'll be able to eat allowed to eat anyway. I'm sure we won't win awards from the kids who come around, but surely at least one or two parents will appreciate it.

**And yes, I know I said Saturday night. Apparently that's how they do things here. Just change the dates of holidays when they feel like it. Though I won't complain, it is more convenient for us anyway.**


Sarah said...

So how did the pencils go?

we had mini decks of cards (that my kids loved), and then all the kids that came to our door were at least 13 years old. They didn't seem so interested in Lightning McQueen and Tinkerbell games. Huh.

Sarah said...

another sweet picture by the way.