Acorn Wreaths

First let me just say that roasting acorns smell really bad. There are a number of instructions, tutorials, ideas out there for acorn wreaths. Almost all of them tell you to roast your acorns to avoid rotting and bugs later on. NONE of them tell you how much your kitchen is going to stink when you are done.

Fortunately a few nice smelling candles and an avoidance of the kitchen for most of the morning meant we didn't have to suffer through it long.

My girls helped me make these fun little acorn wreaths for our massively overbearing front doors. Super simple. A pile of acorns, hot glue and a Styrofoam wreath. Even a 3 year old can do it. Although she did try to wear it as a crown and that didn't work out so well. But nothing a little more glue couldn't fix.

In my mind these would have had thick bright orange bows that tied right at the top of the wreaths and then a thick bright orange chunk of ribbon that they hung down from. But the crafting budget is tight and we had silver and yellow on hand. So we made it work.

And the fact that Jeremy wasn't upset by my addition of nails to the front doors on which to hang these was a nice bonus.

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