Felt Decor

When all the crazy Halloween decorations started coming down just a few weeks ago all around town they were instantly replaced with Christmas decorations.  I didn't think much of it, but my kids have come to the conclusion that people here must not celebrate Thanksgiving. (The chaos at the grocery store these last few days leads me to believe otherwise.) But they just can't wrap their little minds around all this jumping straight to Christmas!

Not to worry our house is decked and ready for our small little Thanksgiving. There was much more that they wanted to do and we'll probably get  all sorts of crafty additions in the next two days from little hands and stacks of paper but here's what we did this week together with felt.

These little felt leaves, modeled after a collection they brought in from outside, decorate the big blank wall in the dining room.

A super simple circle garland in fall colors adorns the blank space above the couch.

And those circles inspired these little decorations, which I thought would look cute turned into little napkin rings, but my daughter thought would be better as hair clips. So we'll see.

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Sarah said...

oooh i 've been wanting to make both the leaves and a circle garland lately. I'm thinking i'm too late for thanksgiving colors and if i wait another week I can make them wintery colors instead. except for the leaves.