Rethinking Fall

Oregon falls have always brought their share of rain and cold. Fall is the time to pull out the sweaters and boots and hats and scarves. It's the time for throwing extra quilts on the bed and making sure we're ready for apple cider and hot chocolate making. It is the time to snuggle up on the couch, watch the rain and enjoy a good book. Last week I thought we were headed in that direction with our day of snow, but today I experienced a different shade of fall.

Obviously I recognize that it is unseasonably warm, an Indian summer you might say. But I'm accustomed to Indian Summer meaning that Friday Night Football games are bearable until the end of September. It's November for goodness sake! So while I have been bemoaning the lack of rain and need for a sweater, I'm trying to change my tune and rethink what fall is all about.

Fall is about walking to the park and meeting new neighbors who are out working in the yard.

Fall is about feeding the ducks by the river in the sunshine.

 Fall is about collecting acorns, pinecones, and leaves until you run out of places to display them.

Fall is about raking leaves all afternoon and then jumping in the piles over and over until you have to rake them all up again.

Fall is about colors and change and winding down the pace of life.

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ET said...

That's awesome that you are enjoying a warm fall. It is oddly sunny and warm in Portland too this year. Sure we have our days of rain here and there, but nothing like the usually daily cold and wet.

And I love the new look of your blog!!