A ruler, some clothespins, paint and glue

As I've mentioned before, this website here......is amazing. Super inspiring and motivating to get off your butt and make something super cool. I have nightstand number two in process and I'm not allowing myself to even acquire materials for my next endeavor until the nightstand is finished.

Fortunately for me, the other morning the cutest idea for a clip rail was posted over at that aforementioned amazing site and I just happened to have everything I needed on hand. By the time Jeremy came home we had created this:

I love it. I imagine this will go in the school/play room, but I can't figure out exactly where I want to hang it just yet. I think I may do something similar for the girls' room as well to keep some semblance of order to their ever growing pile of treasured art, but with a little different color scheme.

I used some leftover acrylic paint from old projects and I hot glued my clothespins instead of screwing them on. I imagine they may fall off after months of being opened and closed by little hands, but a little hot glue and they'll be back in business again. Even if I'd gone to buy all the materials I can't imagine it costing more than a couple of dollars, but being completely free was even better.
Want to make your own??
Check it out here:

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