A project that will last the whole New Year

To celebrate the final day of 2010, I sat amidst a stack of paper strips, staples, markers, and kiddos and set to work on a project that will entertain and educate us for all of 2011.

A paper chain to mark each of the 365 days of 2011.

In our house there is always a chart counting down to something. A birthday, a special outing, a holiday, a vacation, the arrival of guests, you name it. And while looking at the calendar is great and fine, counting down the dates on a paper chain is so much more fun. And so in addition to the dates being marked on each chain of paper, we've also noted special occasions, birthdays and holidays and will be sure to add trips and other exciting things to our paper chain as they become planned.

We're welcoming Jan 1 with a tired and lazy day. We've had a week with Grandma visiting and a winding down of holiday excitement.  Last night consisted of a celebration of late night movies, pizza, Shirley Temples and a basement slumber party, all topped of with a midnight New Year's Eve run in the snow.

I couldn't have timed it much better, crossing the finish line at 11:59:57pm.

On the way to the start I always think we really should come up with a better New Year's tradition, but at the finish line I really can't think of anything more fun.


wendy said...

Wow...that is a long paper chain! Where ya gonna put it? We tried to do one for Advent but kept forgetting to tear it off... it was a good start to a new tradition, though!

Tibbslove said...

Nice work on the race. I was very impressed you guys went for it! It was so cold last night! You're a champ, Emily!