I just have to say......I will be completely shocked if I make it to round 2.

I did not plan my crafting very well around holidays, company, and a few day trips last week. So on the day the project was due I was still creating it. Not to mention I realized  on Tuesday that my sewing machine was broken, yes broken, which is a whole different story. Then there were a few other glitches that left my project in sort of a half completed state as far as what I had in mind.

So go HERE.....vote for your favorite!
And new this season, link up your own crafty projects on Fridays!
Enjoy the competition!


Sarah said...

alright i think figured out which one was you - but I don't recognize any of the fabric! aggh!

Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

I hit a similar roadblock in creating my project for this round when I realized the movers (we recently relocated) lost the power cord to my beloved sewing machine!

I'm stopping by to wish you good luck in this round! Have a great week!