In the week following Christmas we got out and saw a lot more of this city than we have seen in the whole 4 months since we've been here. Gotta love Grandma coming to visit, it seems that's what it takes to get us out exploring in the cold weather. There's a lot more and maybe I'll actually edit a few before posting them next time, but here's a little snippet of a few of the sights. 

The view from one of the canyons (I will never remember which one is which). All I know is this is the one that bicyclists frequent in the summer and also has Ruth's diner at the base. Pretty though, right?

A pretty little picturesque barn that we drove past on the way up to Park City. Yes, that is the inside of the car in the top right of the frame.

Check out the icicles. There were plenty more where those came from in the metropolis of ski lodging that we wandered through. 

The view from the meeting room on Jeremy's floor. First he had Seattle's skylines from his desk. Then he moved to the Portland waterfront, though he had to walk across the room to see it well. Now this.....and he actually has to go to another room on his floor for it. 

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Anonymous said...

It's Emigration canyon with the biker's and Ruth's diner! Salt Lake is one of my many loves. I miss living there.