Melted Snow, Photos, Crafting, and everything else in between

It rained! And the snow has finally melted. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I am loving the sight of green grass again.

In our post-Christmas wanderings with Grandma we went out to Antelope Island. It was our first glimpse of the Great Salt Lake. I'm hoping it will be more impressive in the summer. But we took some nice pictures of the scenery anyhow.

Sarah has been far more motivated than me lately and she's got the new blog up and running officially now. http://lifeatthetable.wordpress.com/

It still needs some tweaking and possibly some contributions from me..... but it's a start.

The etsy shop will be stocked and opening soon, once we iron out all the business/financial logistics.

I'm oddly happy to report that I'm out of the SYTYC competition. I am not the competitive person I used to be, which is evident in my carelessness about running. And the whole thing.....while fun and super cool.... made me really unexcited about doing anything creative for the last few weeks. Since being out I've got about 5 different projects in the works, compared to last week's 0. 

In other news, we've finally hung a few pictures in our house. Jeremy was glad, not so much because he cares about pictures, but because it means I'm starting to care about feeling at home here.

I've been trying lots of new recipes lately, dabbling a bit with painting, reading too many books...to the detriment of our laundry pile, missing Oregon and people a lot, organizing unused spaces in our too big house, and attempting to get out of the house on a regular basis.

We did go out last week to see the new Hood to Coast Movie. It was awesome. Maybe not so awesome if you're not from Oregon, not a runner, haven't done the race, or didn't grow up with Hood to Coast dictating your families summer vacation plans. But since I fit into all those categories I thought it was great!

And one more thing....Happy Birthday tomorrow to Sarah! Woo-hoo!

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Sarah said...

awww, Thanks!!

LOVE that last picture!