What we did yesterday.

I've been feeling the need to reorganize lately. We had a perfectly wonderful system for school in the basement, but the reality is that school is so much more manageable at the kitchen table. It's just a normal part of our day. When it was downstairs it was too much of an ordeal. So I brought some school organization to the hall closet upstairs. Just the things we need on a regular day-to-day basis. All the other stuff will stay downstairs in the gloriously giant "school closet".

I tried to teach myself to crochet. It didn't go so well. I totally got the first part, I think it was called "foundation chain"....maybe? I loved it! It was so monotonous and rhythmic and I could easily do it while the kids read aloud. It was a little harder when I was reading to them. Unfortunately, I can't get the next step to work out right. So I just kept making a single chain and then unraveling it over and over until the 5 year old said, "I really like that belt you're making. Is it for me?" So I tied off the ends, wrapped it around her waist and suddenly felt accomplished.

I got some new boots. I really needed some. I love the buttons, in my head I wanted boots with buttons, but I didn't think I would actually find any. So I was pretty happy to find these cute little things on clearance for super cheap. The only pair they had and they were just my size...it was meant to be.

The girls have been really into cooking/baking/helping in the kitchen lately. So they checked out some cookbooks at the library and have been picking out projects for us to do together. We made meringues. They are so fun and easy for kids to make and so addicting, but also so gross and sickeningly sugary. Today they want to make cheese bread. That will probably be better.

I painted/drew this little word inspiration canvas for my soon to be finished craft room. Jeremy likes it for the living room, but it doesn't match the decor for that room that is in my head. I wish I had been patient and actually taken the time to plan it out and make it nice, but once I got the idea I got antsy and just free-handed it all with a paint pen. Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated.

Today is already feeling like a lazy day. The kids are on a "camping trip". Which means there are blankets, suitcases, and snacks spread all over my living room floor. I think I'll go find a good book and join them.....


Sarah said...

i think it looks like it's laid out well - especially for spur of the moment. what do you think about a background color(s)?

and it really helps to crochet WITH someone who knows what they're doing int he beginning. and when you can fully concentrate...I can only work on some things when the kids are around, things like tiny animals or patterns have to wait for their bedtime or a movie I don't wanna watch.

wendy said...

Ooo, I love words. You could color-in/highlight and do an acrylic wash that matches your colors? I like it.