Good-Bye Training Wheel Days

It is always the little milestones in parenting that catch me off guard and cause me to feel a little emotional about my kids growing up.


This weekend Alidia learned to ride her bike without training wheels. It was sort of an unexpected event. Jeremy took off the training wheels while fixing her tires and on a whim decided to leave them off.

Alidia practiced riding all weekend and is by far the quickest bike riding learner of all of our children. She and I went for a nice ride down the trail this morning and she seems like an old pro already.

She is so excited and we are all so proud of her. Way to go Alidia! (Or as she prefers to be called lately, Ali!)

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Bethany Tibbs said...

I will not call her Ali!! Okay... maybe... but she'll always be little Alidia in my heart.

Way to go Alidia!! I can't believe she's such a big girl now.