Little Treasures from Grandma

My grandmother has been going through her attic and closets getting rid of all sorts of wonderful things. Some of it is because they are trying to downsize and they recognize that they don't use a lot of the stuff that is filling up the extra space in their home. It's also because they (unlike some of us) are much more aware of their own mortality and they want to help us sort through their things and hold on to treasured items that we each hold dear in our own way. My sister had a hard time because the whole process was a reminder that our grandparents will not be around forever, even though it has always seemed they would be. I enjoyed the fact that we had the opportunity to explore their attic with them by our side. Creating more memories of being with them along the way, learning about the treasures they were handing over to us and laughing about the memories some of those treasures invoked.

Some of the things I brought home were practical items that we just happened to need, especially after just moving into a new house. A lawn mower, a dresser, a bread machine and a rug. All of these things will be put to good use right away and certainly saved us quite a bit of time and money! Then there were some things that we just had to have because I couldn't let them go to a thrift store! A very cute little wooden hamper, some great casserole dishes with lids, some lamps and curtain rods that we don't need right away but I definitely have uses for. There were several bags of fabric, buttons, patterns, and thread. She thought I could use them since I've recently delved into a weak, but enjoyable hobby of sewing. She was right! I can't wait to unpack the sewing machine and dream up new projects to start on!!

Although what I loved most were the little treasures that don't serve too much purpose other than to bring back floods of memories and joy to my heart.

A set of wooden canisters that used to be on Grandma's counter top.

Glass bowls that we always ate ice cream out of at Grandma's house.

The box that came out with the Christmas decorations to hold all of our Christmas books.

A doll I loved to play with at Grandma's house.

A Christmas bell.

And my favorite of all is the quilt stand that stood in the corner of my parent's bedroom along with a quilt my great-grandmother made. The backing of the quilt is made of old grain, potato and feed sacks. A beautiful and fragile piece of my family that I will treasure and care for until I can hopefully hand it on to one of my children or grandchilden who will be as honored as I am to have it.


wendy said...

seriously... awesome!

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Oh, wow, Emily,
These truly are treasures! How incredible.
What a blessing that such pieces of your heritage have been saved, and handed down (and wonderful useful things, too). :)


Vanillabean said...

Nice! Treasures indeed. Snaps to your Grandparents for letting things go. I hope I'm like that when I reach that stage of my life.