Yesterday was a rare day, the sun was shining so we played outside all morning at a friend's house and thanks to the heat barreling in through the windows on the drive home I was able to get both of the girls down for a short afternoon nap before we spent the rest of the afternoon outside enjoying the glorious day!

So what did I do during that little 40 minute snippet of quietness?? I cranked on my remarkably loud sewing machine and finished a project that has been turning in my mind since September. Aprons!

Now I have a perfectly good apron, but it's not very cute. And I only wipe my hands on the front or side of my leg so no other part of the apron ever gets dirty, which seems like a lot of wasted apron to me. So I took some scrap fabric, a few discarded pillow shams and some rolls of clearance ribbon and now have 3 little aprons to choose from. Well, just 2, one is for my sister for her birthday next week...Happy Birthday Kate!

~The brown paisley apron is a pillow sham cut in half with brown ribbon sewn along the top edge like bias tape and just extending to create the ties.
~The red is also a pillow sham cut in half. I cut the other half of the sham into strips, sewed them together and used the strips as bias tape and ties.
~The blue flowered apron is a piece of scrap fabric, backed with terry cloth. The ribbon is just sewn across the back and extended off the edge to tie.

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JOY C said...

What do these look like on? Super cute from the pic!