Polo shirt dress

Today I went shopping at Old Navy and found two of these shirts for $1.97 each.

I've gotten pretty cheap when I shop and will only buy something at Old Navy if the price ends in .97 because it's only then that you know it won't be getting any cheaper. Of course I was planning to buy this really cheap, flimsy and not very exciting shirt to add to my cheap and unexciting wardrobe when I had re-fashioning inspiration and saw that there were two of these shirts and so it was meant to be!

Instead of new shirts for me they are in the process of becoming new dresses for the girls! I say in the process because I only have one finished. The baby has been sleeping since we got home from running errands so I can't start on hers yet. But one is pretty much done, although Jeremy thinks it need something more. He's also never heard of such a thing as a polo shirt dress and thinks that my whole design is horribly flawed. ....OK he wasn't that harsh, but I could tell he wasn't impressed.

Any ideas...what does it need to spice it up a bit?


Vanillabean said...

you are getting so crafty and resourceful. The dress is cool. I think maybe a waist band or belt. tres cute model.

DK said...

I really like it!!! What about some kind of belt?

JOY C said...

A thicker belt for sure...could be a different primary color too (like red!). Otherwise its adorable!

Tabitha said...

Way cute! You could line the bottom hem with a pink lining! Not that I even know whether this is possible, since I have no clue how to sew, but I'm sure you can make it even more gorgeous!