Drawstring Bags

I made a few of these little bags up as examples for a craft night with some friends and realized a few things.

1. Having lots of little drawstring bags on hand is really useful for carrying around all sorts of things.

2. They are super simple to make.

3. They make great little gift bags.

4. You can be as simple or creative as you want.

So we've made a few more. Actually more than pictured here. We might be going a little overboard.

They are a perfect way to practice something new. Freezer paper stenciling, printing on fabric, embroidery, applique, ruffles, pockets, the possibilities are endless. Though I don't recommend lining them. It gets too bulky and the drawstring doesn't cinch tight enough.

This one is my favorite. Though printing directly on fabric is pretty fun too.

Not the quickest of the bunch, but definitely the cutest.

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danc said...

Wow! You are so creative:) I'll be waiting for mine to come in the mail:) I like the color Yellow:)
This is such a busy time for you guys! I wish I was there to help! My only advise, but you probably already know it... Just take one day at a time! Much Love and well wishing for you all!