Learning about Money

Alidia and I walked with a gaggle of giggly second graders down to the grocery store and the bank today. In math they have been working on their financial skills by counting money and all that second grade business.

The grocery store hooked them up with a snack in every single department! It was a little ridiculous/awesome. 

All the kids were allowed to bring a little bit of money to make a purchase and they pretty much all bought candy. These two included.

Then we went to the bank. One of the ideas of the 2nd grade expedition has been to understand the buying/selling/trading of money or goods across cultures and throughout time. So the idea of banking seemed like a good connection.

The poor guys at the bank seemed a little out of his element in relating to a room full of children who by this point were stinky and sweaty from their walk and totally high on sugar from the grocery store.

And then someone asked a question about bank robbers and it was all downhill from there. :)

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Bethany Tibbs said...

Ha! Bank robbers... I bet that was fun. Alidia looks SO happy to be included, sweet girl.
Love you guys.